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Bill Rust 9/20/2011 10 Things Social Security Won’t Tell You by Jonnelle Marte This article surrounds around the topic of many facts that people are unaware of when it comes to social security. It states 10 different areas of social security, they are: The social security administration not being able to pay its bills today because they are collecting less revenue in taxes than needed to cover their payments, as a percentage of your salary the more you pay the less percentage you get back, in the past social security was a better deal, going back to work after retirement can help increase your monthly social security amount, qualifying for disability has become increasingly harder, you can receive both unemployment and social security at the same time in some instances, keeping your social security number secret is very important, misinformation on being deceased, being taxed on your social security benefit, and not keeping up with yearly inflation. All of these 10 areas are important to know in order to fully understand how social security works and for a retiree to obtain its full benefit. Within this article I agreed with all the statements that were made. To be more specific I agree with the statements surrounding the idea of going back to work with the intentions of obtaining full benefits. When you being to receive social security it is something that will occur until you pass away. Therefore if you feel as if you are going to live a long life well past your retirement I believe it is to ones advantage to do whatever they can to obtain the highest monthly payment. With that being said, if this means going back to work after retirement, than I believe this is the right thing to do. Also the last of the ten areas about social security mentioned in the article is about keeping up with inflation. In the segment they mention that

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