Retailing Around the Globe

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------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Answer Template for Case Analysis ------------------------------------------------- Student Name: | Daryl Har | Student ID: | 15807416 | Case Name: | Retailing Around the Globe [page 196-200] | Question 1: Briefly List the facts in the above case. | It is mentioned a number of times that “to be successful in the retail business, you have to like people.” “If you don’t enjoy people, you are in the wrong industry. This industry is all about people – customers and employees.” Also, in the retail business, customers expect a “convenient shopping mission”. Not catering to minimum expectations would result in negative disconfirmation. “Technology is a great enabler.” Technology is there to improve efficiency, therefore allowing more time and effort to go into productive, customer-facing issues. It thus improves sales by allowing the change of prices quickly, information disseminates quicker and sorts out historical data for analysis. Another important issue is the managing of key issues such as tobacco and alcohol restrictions. While it is a staple in profit generating for convenient retailing stores, research has to be done to evaluate the impact of restrictions and mitigate losses. Regulations are inevitable in the future and preparations will ensure a competitive advantage. | Question 2: Briefly list the relevant areas of theory in the above case. | Different forms of retailing – Many retailers are shifting to electronic retailing such is the lucrative
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