Retail Store Essay

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Operating a Retail Store There are two main types of retail store in today’s market, one is online where you can find the products quickly and other is a physical store where customers can touch and try the products before they buy them. I got the chance to work in a retail grocery store by myself when I was 18 years old. A retail store owner has many responsibilities. The owner has to set the prices of the products, make orders, and make sure the store is making a profit. Many people believe that owning a small grocery store is more beneficial than working for a large retail chain. They believe that it is better to be the boss than to work under someone else. People believe that the owner of a small grocery store does not need skills like in professional jobs such as management, accountancy to run the store. They may think that to run a store all you have to do is make the product available to the customers and the owner can make an easy profit. The most important aspect of running a store and make good profit is its location and quality of the products it sells. If the store is located in an area where there are big retail stores then it is hard to compete. If the store is running in good condition and making profit then it is applicable to say that owning a grocery store is more beneficial than working for a large retail chain. But the reverse could also happen; the store might not make a good profit and even end up in shutdown stage. If you are working for a large retail chain in which you are paid hourly, your task will be finishing the job you are allocated in your shifts. But as the owner of a store your job never ends. The store, I worked for at the Catherine Street in Mobile was looted by bunch of guys in one morning. The owner had to rush out to the store at 4:00 am. But as an employee I did not have to worry about that. After working for more than a
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