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Retail Marketing Essay

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The retail market is one of the most dynamic sectors in the world’s economy nowadays. Retail marketing mainly focuses on satisfying the customer by identifying their needs and desires and increasing the overall profits of the company. The retailers marketing tasks is to have the consumer’s attention and more importantly the consumers' loyalty. Retail marketing requires systematic planning, strategy and a proper execution. It consists of a marketing mix.
Advertising as defined by Kotler (1998,) “any paid form of non personal communication about an organization, idea or product, by an identified sponsor”. Advertising is characterized by long term orientation, focus on brand building and brand awareness, attracting new segments. The three major objectives of advertising are to inform, to persuade and to remind.
Most advertising strategies use a media plan to communicate its message to a targeted audience using the most effective and least costly ways. The various kinds of media are television, radio, magazines, newspaper and the internet. Other support Medias, are outdoor medias such as aerial advertising, billboards, neon signs and advertising inside of public buses, trains, terminal, platforms.
Adverting messages use slogans, icons, and jingles.
Internet marketing (e-marketing) creates a bigger proficiency in the distribution of information and media to a universal audience. For example, advertisement can now be done on websites such as Facebook, twitter, blogs, and web pages. For example Dick Smith electronics web page includes all the elements of a promotional mix in it.
Sales promotions motivate, stimulate and influence customers to buy the product, its objective is to create an immediate sale, and it is designed to accelerate sales and to optimize sale volumes. The basic promotion strategies are push strategies which are promotional actives directed at participants of a market channel to influence them to push the product forward...

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