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Retail is the process of selling consumer goods and/or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn a profit. Demand is created through diverse target markets and promotional tactics, satisfying consumers' wants and needs through a lean supply chain. In the 2000s, an increasing amount of retailing is done online using electronic payment and delivery via a courier or postal mail. Retailing includes subordinated services, such as delivery. The term "retailer" is also applied where a service provider services the needs of a large number of individuals, such as for the public. Shops may be on residential streets, streets with few or no houses, or in a shopping mall. Shopping streets may be for pedestrians only. Sometimes a shopping street has a partial or full roof to protect customers from precipitation. Online retailing, a type of electronic commerce used for business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions and mail order, are forms of non-shop retailing. Shopping generally refers to the act of buying products. Sometimes this is done to obtain necessities such as food and clothing; sometimes it is done as a recreational activity. Recreational shopping often involves window shopping (just looking, not buying) and browsing and does not always result in a purchase. Contents [hide] * 1 Etymology * 2 Types of retail outlets * 2.1 Types by products * 2.2 Types by marketing strategy * 2.3 Other types * 3 Global top ten retailers * 4 Operations * 4.1 Retail pricing * 4.2 Competition * 4.3 Staffing * 4.4 Transfer mechanisms * 5 Second-hand retail * 6 Challenges * 7 Sales techniques * 8 Customer service * 9 Statistics for national retail sales * 9.1 United States * 9.2 CE region *

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