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Austin Smith 120 Pleasant St. Charlotte, Michigan 517-667-9544 ________________________________________________________________________ February 18, 2014 Kim Kowalski Career Services Network Spartan Way, 535 Chestnut Rd, Room 290 East Lansing MI 48824 Dear Ms. Kowalski: I would like to apply for the position of Student Assistant for the Career Services Network for Michigan State University. I have enclosed my resume for your review. Jill Cords referred me to this position. I am currently a lifeguard at Charlotte Aquatic Center and also have worked for a home rental company. As you will see in my resume, I have participated in many extra circular activities; I am a quick learner and a hard worker. This position will help introduce me to the job market and also allow me to help people. I am currently a senior at Charlotte High School and have been accepted to the 2014 fall Semester at Michigan State University. My skills include being Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard Certified I have been trained in the use of AED’s, First aid, and CPR. I also have spent time greeting people and handling money. I plan to study Supply Chain Management at MSU. Thank you for your time and consideration. I would like to meet for an interview on this job in the near future so that we may discuss my possible involvement with your business. I am willing to meet whenever it is most convenient for you. Please give me a call at 517-667-9544. I look forward to your reply. Sincerely, Austin Smith

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