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Date Address Dear ______: Please find my resume for review in regards to an exciting career opportunity you have available at the moment. As stated by, Susan Scott, in her National Bestseller, Fierce Conversations, “Our lives succeed or fail gradually, then suddenly, one conversation at a time. While no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a career, a business, a marriage, or a life, any single conversation can. The conversation is the relationship.” I have been in customer service for the last eight years and find myself in a place of transition, from serving people to wanting to service people. I find myself looking for a company and a career rather than a job. Often we spend more time with out coworkers than our family and friends, and the group of co-workers assembled around me (and me inevitably around them) has become the most important aspect of my search. A super cool gal, ________ from _______, pointed me in the direction of you as a company that needed to be on the top of my investigation list. When I mentioned to _______ that my goal is to be the Director of Optimism for a company, she mentioned that ______ may be just the company to have such an opening. You can thank _______ directly as (email address). The boring but necessary stuff: (tell what you are currently doing and some skills) (I am currently attending Concord Career College. My experience entails over eight years in customer service, communications and creative management. My newest skills are in extensive networking and building relational capital through strategic media channels.) My strengths lie in effective written and oral communications, and attention to detail. I am personable, outgoing, approachable, and posses excellent business judgment and style. I appreciate a fast-paced environment involving diverse groups of people and clients. I

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