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Calligraphy In Abstract Animation I would like to create a project about Chinese Calligraphy in abstract animation style. |Chinese Calligraphy+ abstract animation | |The aesthetic of | |Oriental artistic conception | The brush calligraphy reflects the beauty for oriental artistic conception. I propose to set the oriental artistic conception into abstract animation, which its will have west/eaten meanings. That is abstract animation instillation of dancing lines; I will focus on line’s rhythm, color, the composition and the integral style. Lines will flow in literature meaning of “Lan Ting Xu” [pic] (From visit Lan Ting place get happy time to express the feeling of live in now). The rhythm comes from understanding of my writing practice. Rice paper and writing brush are Calligraphy tools; handwriting and computer technology will build up interesting ‘hybrid’ in Analogue/Digital areas. I propose case study as my methodology, address my question in Ask questions part, from Analyze questions, Solve problem to find out the answer. • Ask questions: • Reading text/video materials • Understand what is calligraphy, and the main qualities. What are the unique characters? • The relationship of abstract, animation and Chinese calligraphy. • How to ‘hybrid’ the digital and traditional technology • Writing exercises Writing Calligrapher Wang Xizhi (Jin dynasty)’s work “Lang Ting Xu” by myself, getting experience directly. • Comparisons |Comparison | |Theory |Calligraphy esthetics |Hot abstract esthetics

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