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8362 155A Street Surrey, BC V3S 7W7 September 21, 2011 City of Surrey Dear sir or madam: I am interested in applying for the general sports instructor position, at the recreation center. I have volunteered with the city of surrey for a very long time and I find so much joy in what I do while volunteering. I love to work with others, and interact with new people .It would be a great opportunity for me to work with the City of Surrey and all their hardworking team of employees. I am a very cooperative and hard working person that will never give up and always complete what I am given, to the best of my ability. Now being in the year 2011, I have volunteered for the City of Surrey for 4 years. I have a certificate for volunteering with the City of Surrey, during the summer for day camps and also have multiple reference letters. I have volunteered with running sport cams during the summer have also ran other children’s day camps, helped with the daycare student’s graduation, and also helped with special events such as the Fusion Festival, Youth Fest and Winter Fest. I am a quick learner and will always work hard on what ever task is given to me. My resume is enclosed, and I look forward to an interview at your convenience. You can contact me at 604-572-4058 or 604-353-4059, anytime on weekdays and weekends. Thank you for considering my application. Yours Truly, Zikreia

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