Resturant Life Essay

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The Restaurant Life What do you notice when entering a restaurant? I have been working at a restaurant for a little over a year now and I never noticed the little things that I do now. Most people go into a restaurant and the only thing they remember is what they ate for lunch or dinner. There are so many things that go into people’s experience at a restaurant that they do not realize, from the time they walk into the door to when they walk out that exact same door. When I go into a restaurant I notice every little detail. I have just recently had a wonderful dining experience at a Maggiano’s in Dallas that I would like to share with you. As I was walking in, I felt like I was walking into Italy itself. The first thing that I see is a giant staircase that led up to the reception hall, which had beautiful chandeliers that hung from the ceiling. The walls had some sort of Italian art that covered every square inch. Each table had three candles and was set up as if the president was coming in. Looking down at the little black device with red blinking lights, was vibrating in my hand I knew it was time to go back down the giant staircase to be seated. My family and I were greeted by a hostess with a big smile saying, “Heaton party of four?” My mother replied, “That’s us.” As the hostess brought us to our table I could see and smell all the amazing food around me and I was thinking to myself, I could not wait until I had my food, I was starving. When we got to our table is set up just like the tables in the reception hall, there were wine glasses at every seat with a menu, which looked like a novel. I opened my menu in awe of all the items it presented, there was so many things that I could not pronounce so I just read under the title to see what was in it. While looking through the menu I noticed something familiar, Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo, and I thought I have

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