Restraurant of Connections Essay

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Name Professor Class Title Day Month Year Restaurant of Connections The most well-known Mexican restaurant in my small hometown of King City is called Guadalajara and is often denoted by visitors as the “immigrant hole,” but as they eat there more and more, they understand that it is quite the opposite. Guadalajara is a family-owned business. The family descends from Guadalajara, Mexico. The family named their restaurant after their hometown, and wanted to continue cooking food that their family would make in Mexico. It becomes apparent to them that it not only brings together the Mexican culture, but also brings together the whole town; every culture and race included. This is no longer just a hole in the wall, but has become a mainstay for the community. The customers are no longer, just customers, when walking through the door, they become family. The restaurant makes every effort possible in including every person. Guadalajara was a positive addition to King City, it’s the gathering area for the whole community. People from different upbringings, are joined together by a family’s small business, while all seeking a delicious meal. The restaurant has an appearance unlike anything else. The restaurant itself might as well be a hole in the wall. There are no architectural stand-outs whatsoever. There are no architectural decorations or special designs. The building is covered with simplicity of white bricks. The bricks that are framing all of the windows and doors are painted green and red. The “GUADALAJARA” written at the top edge of the building is painted in forest green, underlined with red. Although most buildings in my town are made of brick, none have purposefully painted their exteriors with certain colors, especially colors that could represent their culture and heritage. The other buildings throughout town are all constructed of

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