Restoration With No Limits Essay

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The Everglades wasn’t a place for chemical treated water, bright lights, neighborhoods, and where children walked on paved roads to school. Nor a place that consist of 12 foot chain link fence, with bridges used as tunnels for animals to roam from one side to another for protection from the interstate I-75,which was once known as Alligator Alley. In fact, the Everglades that I knew were far much more different from anything I have described. Even with the restoration, the Everglades will never be what I once remembered it as. Living in the city of Pompano Beach, Florida had been home to me for thirteen years. I had treated water, lights with the flip of a switch; neighbors right next, and walked on paved roads to school. I remember starting my freshman year to what I thought was the coolest high school; two story’s, a smoking lounge for students, soda machines in the P.E. locker room and the only kids you knew were the ones in your neighborhood. But only a month into the school year my life took a turn. When I came home from school one day my parents announced the news that we were moving. My mother was having a nervous breakdown; my two older brothers had been skipping school, getting in trouble with the law and doing drugs. My parents decided the move would give us a new start, it would help my mother could regain her sanity and save my three younger brothers and I from the harsh city life. The move was to the Everglades, down Alligator Alley at mile marker 31, down a rock road 10 miles into the middle of the swamps, with no electricity, no running water, in tiny travel trailer as our new home. During rainy season the only way to get to our home was on a swamp buggy or walking through muddy water trails in black rubber boots. The nearest neighbor was on the main road two miles away. The new school consisted of preschool through 12th grade, with

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