Restoration Of Rusty Tin Soldier Essay

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A long way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier Restoration of Rusty Tin Soldier Cold, shivering, you’re lying in the grass, with your nightmares consuming you, withdrawing for toxic substances that are flowing through your veins. You have flashbacks of war, brutal violence, and images of blood flowing like a wild river out of control, and you have not even reached puberty yet. This is the story of Ishmael Beah. A poor lost soul, who tragically lost everything he has ever known and joins his government’s military, addicted to drugs in order to brainwash him into committing heinous massacres towards other children. After Beah has served his government, his lieutenant sends him away to a rehab in order to regain his humanity and help him exonerate, and see himself as a child. The rehab does this in numerous ways by breaking the chains of addiction, giving Beah a routine, and helping him build trust. This is what emerges in Ishmael Beah’s emotionally driven book, “A long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier,” The last week of January of 1996 was going to change for Beah. When Beah returned back with his squad from raiding a village for ammunition, He returned to the village they were occupying, Beah searched for the lieutenant, wanting to chat about Shakespeare with him. As he conversed with the lieutenant, a truck pulled up. The lieutenant talked with the men whose shirts read UNICEF. After their conversation the lieutenant called the names of fifteen troops including Beah. They were then order to the truck the visitors came from. The lieutenant gave a speech to the fifteen children standing before him, “’You have been great soldiers and you all know that you are part of this brotherhood. I am very proud to have served my country with you boys. But your work here is done, and I must send you off. These men will put you in school and

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