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Come Sail Away to Thunder Bay Andrew Morrow DeVry University Come Sail Away to Thunder Bay It’s Valentine’s Day, another chance to spend a lovely romantic evening with my wife. Wait that’s right, I’m married now! This is more than just another holiday this is the first Valentine’s Day as a newlywed. Now the pressure is on to come up with a truly spectacular evening. Looking through the reviews for someplace new and exciting I stumble across a few interesting choices. Sadly, since it is 2:00 PM on Valentine’s Day many of these places are filled for the entire night. Enter Thunder Bay Grille, a small but cozy fine dining establishment with a lovely atmosphere, excellent service, and food that is to die for. By the end of the evening I was thoroughly sold on Thunder Bay Grille as being one of the best restaurants not only in Rockford, IL but in the entire Northwest region of Illinois. Walking in to the restaurant you immediately feel as if you’re in a romantic cabin in the woods. There is a small reception area where my wife and I are greeted by a friendly hostess and shown to our table. On the way to our table we walk through a comfortable lounge with several couches, coffee tables, and a roaring fireplace so that guests may enjoy a drink from the bar while waiting for a table or just hang out with friends after a long day of work. The first thing I notice when arriving at our table is a second lovely stonework fireplace that helps set the mood for a romantic evening. The lights are dimmed with each table basking in the subtle glow of candles surrounded by a beautiful centerpiece. I am already feeling like I hit the jackpot with this place and we have only been here for 5 minutes. We are promptly greeted by our waitress. She is friendly, cheerful, and helpful. After taking our drink orders I bombard her with questions about a few items on the

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