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Restaurant Evaluation Sugar Island is a Jamaican restaurant located in Snellville, Georgia. “Everything’s Irie, come dine with us” was the captivating slogan on the building that caught my attention. At first the concept was hard to grasp, especially if you’re not Jamaican. The term “Irie” is defined as a state of feeling great and at peace. The theme of the restaurant had me curious about three things. How did it reflect the hospitality of its employees? How did the exterior and interior of the restaurant create a at peace atmosphere? How did the theme of the restaurant depict the food selection? Sugar Island provides the necessary essentials to entice customers to feel at peace while dining. First let’s talk about the how the overall hospitality of the restaurant made me feel welcomed. When I first walked up to the restaurant there was a greeter who opened the door for me to enter. I thought that was interesting, given the impression that many major restaurants don’t provide that type of generosity. I was greeted with a smile and politely asked if I was dining alone or awaiting a party. The only difficulty I faced, was trying to understand the greeter’s accent. I found this greeting very interesting because I had my girlfriend on the way and seating arrangements could be made prior to her arrival. The host asked me if I would like to leave a name and they would direct her to my table when she arrived. That provided me with a peace of mind of looking up every time for her coming in the restaurant and having to navigate her to our table. I was then seated with two menus and asked if I needed a few minutes. The entire time I realized the waitress had a smile on her face and didn’t automatically assume anything. I find it very odd when a waiter/waitress, assume you want an alcoholic beverage or something specific. A person’s mood can easily change if they feel

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