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OVERVIEW OF THE SERVICE Description Atrium is a restaurant that specializes in serving from a wide variety of cuisines; such as Thai, Indian, and Chinese cuisine. Mostly it provides a whole range of continental food and drinks. The quality of its delicious food, its presentation and its beautiful atmosphere has made it a renowned, well reputed and popular restaurant at current times. The roof top is a popular spot for Sheesha lovers and for buffet. The first floor is the main continental restaurant where you can get all the different flavors of marvelous food. Atrium is especially popular with younger demographics for its serene atmosphere and Sheesha options. However, many families come to Atrium as well in order to enjoy their extensive menu. Apart from the regular fizzy drinks there are also some special drinks and fruit punches available. Different types of tropical fruit juices and punches make you mesmerized by its taste. The cocktails are also extraordinarily delicious. Other Services Atrium is open for any sort of party, be it a birthday party, or engagement ceremony or even wedding. It also provides take away meals and also works as a caterer for different occasions throughout the year. All in all it provides multiple services to its customers depending on their needs. TARGET MARKET ANALYSIS Usually, one needs to target customers based on their income. This allows businesses to adjust the pricing of menu items according to their customers’ disposable income levels. However, you may also choose to develop promotional strategies that target one or more the following segments: 1. Teens, students and young adults – They are Atrium’s main customer as there are plenty of Universities and school around the restaurant. The decoration would attract this segment of the market and Sheesha services would also give them a good experience. 2.

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