Responsible of Commerce Essay

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hinese consumers have stood up for their rights in two recent cases that put unscrupulous businesses in China yet again in the spotlight. The consumers tipped off local media about the unethical deeds of a cleaning service provider in Beijing — not cleaning the blankets used by a major airline company on its flights. The scandal prompted several airline companies to state that their blankets were clean and properly sanitized. In the second case, China Central Television (CCTV) exposed Da Vinci Furniture Co. Ltd. for selling poor quality fakes at high prices, the retailer had claimed that all its products were quality guaranteed and fully imported. A program on quality control of consumer goods aired on CCTV recently said a Beijing resident surnamed Tang complained that a Cappelletti sofa she bought from a Da Vinci store in the Chinese capital for about 300,000 yuan was of poor quality. Tang pointed out that the sofa cushion was simply put together using glue and gave off an unpleasant smell at her home. Not only that, but a classic European-style bed she bought for her daughter also turned out otherwise. “I ordered a bed which was measured at 1.5 meters in length, but the one delivered to my home was only 1.2 meters,” Tang said. She said, when questioned, a manager at the Da Vinci store told her that the measurement in China was different from that overseas. She then sent the furniture to the National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection of Furniture and Indoor Environment for a quality check. The furniture failed to meet three quality standards. For example, a TV table was found to be substandard because of the use of high-density board, the CCTV report said. CCTV reporters visited the store, which claimed to be selling various European-style furniture from Italy, France, Germany and Spain, as well as furniture from the U.S.

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