Responsible Leadership and Transformational Leadership Essay

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The Comparison of Responsible and Transformational Leadership There is a wide range of leadership approaches, among which are transformational, transactional, leader-member-exchange, Confucian, and cross-cultural approaches. Nowadays, in our highly interconnected world a new approach has been appeared, that is responsible leadership. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast one of the approaches with the responsible leadership; transformational leadership is considered to be compared and contrasted with the last one. A new approach – responsible leadership – will be described, and then transformational leadership will be outlined. After that two approaches will be compared, and finally the conclusion will be made. Responsible leadership is quite a new approach. Leadership is a responsible phenomenon itself; actually, it must be responsible because without responsibility leadership can be dangerous and destructive (Toor & Ofori 2009). And within the responsible leadership the responsibility is ranked higher than receiving capital of the company. Aspects of ethics are really sound in the case of the responsible leadership. That is an essential moment – responsible leaders should live by company’s articulated values, moral principals, and ethical issues; that aspects should be not just a great words but practical activity of the responsible leader. (Verschoor 2004). Responsible leadership can be considered as close to ethical leadership which emphasizes demonstration of ethically appropriate conduct by personal actions, relationships with followers, decision-making (Toor & Ofori 2009). The decision-making style of responsible leadership means making ethical decisions based on values, moral principals. (Verschoor 2004). Ethical decisions treat people in an equal way and serve the community. The ethically ‘value-based leadership’ should be

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