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RESPONSIBILITY Responsibility is the obligation to accomplish the goals related to the position and the organization. Managers, at no matter what level of the organization, typically have the same basic responsibilities when it comes to managing the work force: Direct employees toward objectives, oversee the work effort of employees, deal with immediate problems, and report on the progress of work to their superiors. Managers' primary responsibilities are to examine tasks, problems, or opportunities in relationship to the company's short-and long-range goals. They must be quick to identify areas of potential problems, continually search for solutions, and be alert to new opportunities and ways to take advantage of the best ones. How effectively goals and objectives are accomplished depends on how well the company goals are broken down into jobs and assignments and how well these are identified and communicated throughout the organization. Planning Planning will always be important to any company. The only way to determine what a company is going to do in their future is for them to plan. Companies that don't make plans (conscienly or not) will ultimately fail. AN INVESTMENT Planning is leveraged time. 20 minutes of planning per day can improve your productivity immensely -- and pay of in HOURS worth of saved time later. Affording yourself time to plan will pay off in the future. You’ll make sure that you are staying on track with your goals and you can ensure that you become more task oriented. By simply taking 10-20 minutes to go through what your objectives or outcomes are, you will be more likely to achieve them and not get SIDETRACKED, which is quite easy to do. STRUCTURE Planning provides the method for informed DECISION making. By planning what you are going to do you will be establishing a framework and will be able to make smarter and more

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