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Responsibility to save endangered species Essay

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  • on March 19, 2008
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Below is an essay on "Responsibility to save endangered species" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The speaker contends that society should not make too many efforts to save endangered species, since the extinction of them are caused by natural forces. While I concede that the extinction of many species is a result of natural process, human beings also play a more and more important role in accelerating and exacerbating this process. And we should make moderate efforts to save the endangered species.

Admittedly, in the geological past many species have become extinct naturally. The changes of environment due to natural reasons may destroy the homelands of many species, thus leading to their extinctions. The nature may also break the balance of predator and prey, thus causing the less powerful species to become extinct. An extreme example might be the extinction of dinosaur, the ancient powerful gigantic leader of the earth. It is considered that the extinction of dinosaur is attributed to a collision of a small comet and the earth, which drastically changed the climate on the earth. Darwin's theory of natural selection might give us lots of instructions on this topic. If a species cannot adapt itself to the nature, it would be eliminated. That's the law of nature.

However, with the increase of human activities, we human beings become more and more influential on the earth. Unfortunately, many of our activities endanger the existence of other species. Consider the accumulation of greenhouse gases, for example. These gases would gradually increase the global temperature on the earth. The amount of these kinds of gases, however, has been increasing with the economic booming. Recent researches have indicated that the accumulation of green gas has caused the melt of the ice cap in Antarctic, which would not only lead to the extinction of the species living there, but also cause the sea level rise and thus endangering the species living along the sea, including people in the coastal areas. Another example is the deforestation of Amazon rainforest. This...

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