Responsibility of Voting

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Beyond creating a conscience on the importance of voting, we hope to raise awareness to political issues that concerns us all. There is no small issue in politics. That is why it is important for us to be empowered and take action in the best way possible, casting our vote and making our voice heard. It is our right, it is our duty, it is our responsibility. Many people use the term 'democracy' as shorthand for liberal democracy, which may include elements such as political pluralism; equality before the law; the right to petition elected officials for redress of grievances; due process; civil liberties; human rights; and elements of civil society outside the government. As voters we have the right to demand from our elected officials to answer for their behavior. Vote buying in Thailand has, as reported many times, a common practice during electoral times, normally using cash to purchase votes from the population. At the time this article was written there was no word on the measures taken by the Thai government or its authorities. But it is expected for International organizations to step in the election and have measure on an international level. The main importance of democracy is the participation of the people in naming their political representatives. It is empowerment for the people and taking action, become an active member of society. The power of voting is the power of change, it's the power of making a mark in history and voicing your

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