Responsibility In College Athletics Essay

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“Responsibility in College Athletics” (NAME) ETH/316 (INSTRUCTORS NAME) (DATE) Students who make the decision to play sports at the collegiate level are giving up their rights, they are not gaining a proper education or experience that the organization has to offer their students. These people are playing to fund the school, someone is getting paid and it is not the student. From the outside looking in, student athletes have been taken advantage of by these organizations. Gary Walters is the Athletic Director at Princeton University, he is the only person who represents one of these organizations and is on the opposing side of the conversation. He is looking at this topic from the inside…show more content…
The athlete who receives their degree will not have a proper education and the proper skills to make it in the real world. I believe that these organizations are robbing this from these people. Troy Vincent and Johnette Howard could not of said it better, “The fundamentals of our academic institutions is for someone to get a quality education and when the focus is not on this the whole model is broken.” The external pressures that influence these organizations are relieved by giving in and providing them with what they want by taking away their student athletes education. It is about winning losing and not about educating these individuals. The institutions have financial obligations, someone is getting paid and it is not the college student. These issues are relevant to personal decisions because the athlete is removed from the personal experience of going to college. Their lives have been taken over once they accept that scholarship to go to college and play sports at the collegiate level they give up the opportunity to make personal decisions. The organization that has offered them the scholarship and to play at the collegiate level will make most of the daily decisions for the athletes. They will spend their entire college experience while playing sports with other athletes just like them, they will not get the variety that they should or that the

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