Responsibility Essay

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1. List your goals, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of your job. You may use the formal organisation position description and or job specification or you can develop your own with the support of your coach or other learners doing similar work. 2. How do you plan and organise activities to achieve the organisational plans efficiently and effectively? What planning and organising tools and techniques do you use for this work? 3. What techniques and methods do you use with your team, customers, suppliers and others to make sure that work in progress is on target and to plan in the short term e.g. up to 3 months and for the longer term 12 months or longer? 4. How does the organisation's plans, vision and mission assist you in carrying out your role and responsibilities? Constructing your understanding To examine your understanding of managing yourself in workplace to achieve organisational plans in accordance with your role and responsibilities complete the following questions: 5. What is the organisation's plan, vision or mission statement and targets/objectives? Write your own vision/mission statement for your organisation and, if necessar, confirm it with your immediate or senior manager as required. 6. How do the activities of your team contribute to and support the achievement of the organisations plan's, vision and mission? 7. What initiatives have you taken to extend your personal goals outside of your normal role and responsibilities to achieve the organisation's plans? What was the outcome and did it result in a change to your role and responsibilities? Was the initiative undertaken on your own responsibility or done in consultation with your management? Please explain. 8. Consult with your coach/team and others and identify any current team goals and plans that do not support the organisation's plans. Discuss your

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