Responsibility Essay

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Responsibility The defined definition of responsibility is “a particular burden of obligation upon one who is responsible. In the fire service responsibility is a key corner stone of the fire-rescue service. If you are not responsible with your own duties than you are irresponsible, witch makes you a liability and burden on your fellow fire fighters. If you’re not a responsible person you will not get far in life you must take responsibility for your actions and be able to take care of your own jobs and duties. If you are not responsible in the fire service you will not get a job or last long as one. An example of no responsibility is say a fire fighter forgets to pass in when he arrives on his shift and no one has seen him all shift. They get called out and no one notices he’s here on shift say he goes into the building to suppress flames and there’s a collapse no one would know that he was even out on shift at all. So that could be life threatening in many ways like first of all no one would know he’s under the rubble so he could potentially die. To be responsible you must take responsibility and admit your mistakes and fix your wrong doings and damages. Another example of not taking responsibility is say a Fire fighter responds to a car wreck from the station and he has to use the Jaws of Life to pry the door open to save the victim. Once the victim was saved the firefighter noticed the power cord had been pinched in the wreck and had severed. The firefighter failed to report the damage to the tool and put it back in the apparatus and he forgot about it. The next call they responded to was another car wreck and this time it was on the train tracks after getting out and removing the jaws of life from the rig they here a train and the chief says hurry up with the jaws but then the firefighter remembers the power cord is severed. You can

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