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Mrs. Friend English 10 CCA Period 3 December 17, 2008 Responding to Fate in Nectar in a Sieve Has something ever happened to you and you just don’t understand how or why? Impacting your life in a good way or bad way, either way it was your fate. In the book Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala Markanday, the main character is very passive and struggles to understand how people respond to their fate. To begin with, Rukmani is the main character and as a child bride she was married to a farmer at the age of thirteen. As a child she watched her older sisters marry wealthy, high class men and wanted a similar marriage. She had once said “I shall have a grand wedding…Such that everybody will remember when all else is a dream forgotten.” (8) Her family’s importance grew lesser and lesser and when it was time for little Rukus marriage her parents could only afford a dowry to a farmer. She would have a preferred a wealthier, more prominent husband but it being her fate she makes do with Nathan and grows to love him. Throughout the story Ruku is faced with many hardships, one of them being that after giving birth to her first daughter, Irawaddy, she could not conceive again for a number of years. During this time her mother was dieing and the British doctor that was treating her befriended Ruku. He knew from her face that something was wrong and when she told him about her problem he helped her. They remained friends and he helped her and the family with what he could as he saw them suffering. But one day he also told her “I work among you when my spirit wills it... I go when I am tired of your follies and stupidities. I can only take you people in small doses” (74). He said this to let Ruku know that he cant stand to see her and her people suffering and hates that they don’t do anything to help themselves. Further along in the

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