Response To Thomas Paines Rights Of Man

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Response to Thomas Paine’s “Rights of Man” In discussion to Thomas Paine’s “Rights of Man”, it has been a controversial issue as to whether he is right or wrong. I am here to disagree; I believe that his writings are outdated and should not be applied in modern day America. I believe that there is still oppression, racism, and that the American government thrives on corruption. Thomas Paine says, “The poor are not oppressed…”, I believe the contrary. In today’s society poverty and oppression go hand in hand. The poor are oppressed by society because they do not have the resources to prepare themselves to compete in a job market. For example, South Central Los Angeles is an oppressed area because people do not have proper education. Schools in this area are overcrowded and the teachers do not teach the way they should. Students are deprived and oppressed of a quality education because the district does not have the money to invest on the kids’ education; unlike in other school districts in wealthier areas where the class sizes are smaller the teaching quality is considerably better. How is a student from south central Los Angeles supposed to compete with one of Beverly Hills when not even their GPA’s have the same value? America is not a perfect society, people say that racism does not exist, but I believe it does. Contrary to Paine’s belief, racism is everywhere we go, whether it be a corner store or shopping mall or in sterotypes. If a Hispanic person or African American person goes into a store they get watched and/or followed to make sure we do not steal anything, but, if a white person goes into a store, they do not get neither followed nor watched. It is also assumed that Hispanic girls get pregnant in their teen years, black men are thieves, and that Hispanic men are drunkards. We are also discriminated against because of where we live; we are
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