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Response Paper “My View and Response to the Cost of an Illiterate Society” I agree with most of what Kozol has said about illiterate people. In today’s society being illiterate would be a huge problem comparing to when Kozol wrote this article in 1985. If it was that big of a deal back in 1985 then with all the technology that is around these days it would be even worse. But being illiterate can be an easy fix in today’s society as well comparing to 1985. But Kozol makes some big important points why being illiterate can hurt the person in all parts of life. Kozol states that, “They cannot read traffic signs and, while they often learn to recognize and decipher symbols, they cannot manage street names which they haven't seen before” (Kozol, 4), this is like being trapped inside your own world. If someone cannot read something simple as a stop sign they just have no life to be living. What good are they to the society if a person cannot read? Everything these days counts on mostly technology, being able to understand and read technology is a huge part of today’s society. It’s very interesting to me that Kozol states most illiterates use the pictures of products to decide if they should buy it or they vote for a president based on his appearance because they don’t know what else to go by because they can’t read and understand what they want. I believe that there should be a test that an illiterate person would not be able to pass but easily passable for someone who is literate, this would get rid of wasted votes that shouldn’t be there in the first place. As Kozol stated, “The number of illiterate adults exceeds by 16 million the entire vote cast for the winner in the 1980 presidential contest” (Kozol, 1), this is something that can be a problem. 16 million in 1985, today it’s probably a lot more than that. So many illiterates can change the land scape on

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