Response To John Stewart's Lecture Summary

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In Stewart’s lecture she is implying that African American’s are usually stereotyped as being “lazy or idle” they are thought less of, usually thought of not being able to rise to do great outstanding things, they never get the time to show that they’re beyond than what abolitionists already expect of them which is to be doing domestic work. She shows through this through examples, personal anecdotes, metaphors, and similes. Stewart begins her lecture by saying “Few white persons of either sex, who are calculated for anything else, are willing to spend their lives and bury their talents in performing mean, servile labor.” In this quote stewart is saying that there are very few white people who have nothing good to offer, and the ones who have nothing good to offer still wouldn’t want to spend their lives doing “mean servile labor”. So what would make the whites believe that African Americans would want to do the work that they don’t even want to do? Just because they are a different race doesn’t mean they were made to only preform domestic work. “I can’t but die for expressing my sentiments; and I am willing to die by the sword as the pestilence;” Stewarts tone is dramatic because when the reader reads that line it shocks them because she says she can, and…show more content…
At the end of the paragraph Stewart uses a simile and says “for I am a true born American; your blood in my veins, and your spirit fires my breast” She uses this simile to say that because she is African American doesn’t mean she is unlike any other America, we are all people and she is a person who is capable of do anything that any American could possibly
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