Response to Gender-Role Essay

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Amy Rider Psych 3 Mannino 22 October 2013 Response to Gender-Role Article To me to be a male of female depends on two things, sexual reproductive organs, and their emotional feel about themselves as a male of female. To be a male you have a penis, and you need to feel that you are a male and like being a male. If you are not happy that you are a male, and are miserable as a male then you probably are a female trapped inside a male’s body. To be a female you need a vagina, and you must feel that you are a female, not a male trapped inside a female’s body. The traits from the female gender list I am most comfortable with are the color pink, females are emotional, they have curves, they tend to play with Barbies and dolls, and they have long hair. This is not necessarily what I am comfortable with, but this is what society has set women out to grow up with and have later in life. Traits from the male gender list that I possess are muscles because I play sports, tough emotional stability because I am a tough person and can take a lot of emotional hurt, I would like to be able to make a lot of money which is not usually what women do in household relationships between the husband and wife; I would like my husband and I to be able to produce a steady income. Gender role stereotypes limit how much a woman or man can do with their life. Those stereotypes do not allow men and women to do what they truly want to do with their lives just because it is not what the rest of the world does. People should break out of their comfort zones and not be so judgmental. I want to raise my children in a way that they grow up doing what they love to do, and to have them experience different things so they can find out who they are meant to be in this

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