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The poems in this section have to do with “Ars Poetica.” This means The Art of Poetry in Latin. The poets of this collection of poems are actually using poetry to answer the questions of what poetry is, how it should be written, and how it should be read. There is one poem specifically that I felt agreed with my views of poetry and that is Billy Collins’ “Introduction of Poetry.” In this poem, I feel like he is trying to say that people try too hard and over-analyze poems. They sometimes try to force a meaning into a poem because they think that there has to be a reason that poem was written and it has to have some kind of deeper meaning of an issue going on in the world. I think that the end of the poem really points this out with the words “torture of confession out of it” and “they begin beating it with a hose to find out what it really means.” I think that Collins is trying to tell people that they should just read poetry and enjoy it. That people should spend less time analyzing every detail and meaning they think a poem should have. I like the phrase “drop a mouse into a poem and watch him probe his way…show more content…
I personally think the reason I have come to not like poetry is because in class we pick apart everything the poem brings to the table, and might even take it too far. I used to just like reading poems and maybe think about how it made me feel or some of the words it uses. However, now I just feel like we spend too much time looking at every possible meaning. I feel like it’s more of an opinion on what a poem means and it’s personal for everyone. A poem might mean one thing to one person, but something entirely different to another person. I feel like in class looking at the meaning to much make it feel like every poem has specific meanings and everyone should feel the same

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