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Response Essay: Marilyn Monroe by Audrey Flack (The Gateways to Art Book: Understanding Visual Arts page 155) This painting reminds me of a collage; it contains a combination of different items. When looking closely into this image u can see objects that look memorable, something that had been put together to show time in the art. Many of the objects in this painting make me think of myself and the mirror shows the technique of reflection. In the top two corners u can also see a glassy reflection, it’s difficult to make out what exactly the reflection is of; its quiet a blur to the image that also involves a series of shades that create light. The light is especially shown in the right corner of the painting; it goes from a dark black then into a bright white, which adds to the paintings theme of light and life. The perspective if this image is trying to be viewed in different points of view; there is no specific perspective; the objects are all over, you can see no direct center point. The objects also look very ancient or as if they were found after being put away for long periods of time. The mirror has a pattern with a unique design that complements the color along the calendar that’s placed on the top, right side of the painting. Pink is used with different shades on many of the objects in the painting. The rose, make up, calendar, mirror, and blue glass show the individual personality that Marilyn had. The bright color gives the painting life, each color is lively in a way there’s a glow in the painting. The colors schemes are very outgoing and catch the eyes attention. They are complementary colors and the tone of them sets the paintings mood. The use of black and white adds dimension to the painting while the technique of shading is also shown; the shading

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