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Overview Sarah is a 40-year old African American female who desires counseling due to symptoms of depression. She is unmarried but in an ongoing ten year relationship. She has three adult children, one daughter that is married and two sons both in college and staying at home. She lost both of her parents in 2010 and currently works in the medical field on a job that she is displeased with. She reports feeling lonely and over the last several months has been self-mutilating. I will attempt to explain how I would proceed with this client using narrative theory. I will include key concepts, view of pathology and therapeutic techniques. I will tailor my interventions and strategies to meet the needs of the client. Response During our initial meeting, I will introduce myself and welcome the new client by thanking her for coming. I will offer a seat to the client and make it a point to sit directly across from her. I will do my best to make her feel at ease refraining from any need to be aggressive during the session. I will proactively make her aware that there could be times that I may make facial expressions that can easily be misjudged. I will then advise the client to feel free to ask me what I am thinking rather than assume that I am thinking something negative. By disclosing this information I hope that it shows my humanity and willingness to be vulnerable which enhances the likelihood of the client being honest. The first question that I will pose is what would be great outcomes for your time here and what are some hopes for this meeting? In the event that she hesitates or says that she does not know I will allow some time for her to think about the question a little more. If I need to rephrase the question to help her along, I will but it is very important for me as the therapist to hear from the client what they hope to gain from the meeting. Once I

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