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Response paper 6 Oct.21st The World’s Biggest Membrane ------- Lewis Thomas There is a preservative layer of the most beautiful planet—earth. This layer was referred to as the “biggest membrane” by the writer Lewis Thomas and is called atmosphere—people cannot live without it. The main ingredients of atmosphere are nitrogen and oxygen, which account for 78.1% and 20.9% respectively. The Ozone layer of the atmosphere protects living things from harmful ultraviolet ray and stops things from falling to the Earth. What’s more, the atmosphere is closely linked between living things and the ozone layer because all living things live under the troposphere of the ozone layer. Lewis illustrated the significance influences the atmosphere has on human lives. Nowadays, people have different views of environmental conservation, but still lack a consciousness of atmosphere protection. Atmosphere is a part of Earth; improper behavior will lead to a reduction of the ozone layer and affect the normal life of living things. In the end of the journal article, Lewis mentioned that “without this shelter, our surface would long since have become the pounded powder of the moon,”(). These words give his opinion that we must improve our acknowledgement and attitude towards atmosphere conservation. I feel the writer is very farsighted. With the deterioration of climate, the temperature will increase and will result in increasing air-conditioning usage. This phenomenon leads to a rise in Freon usage, and becomes a deadly reason for the deterioration of the atmosphere. What’s more, usage of refrigerators also causes Freon increase. What I hope is that a new environmental friendly material will be invented as soon as possible that can reduce deterioration of the

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