Response to Literature (the Silver Kiss)

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In the novel, The Silver Kiss, by Annette C. Klause. The imagery can be best described as savage, wild and bloody. It fills the reader with a chilling yet ethralling feeling. It creates a sickening and lonely atmosphere, it is thoroughly detailed through every blood spatter to heartbreaking feelings. The Character Simon is a creature of the night, part of the undead world, a vampire. He is desperate to be human again but he knows thats not possible. Everyone who had ever known him had died, no one to call his name which makes him a sentimental and lonely vampire who despises his own kind. Simon was walking around town and spotted a house with an uncurtained window. The couple inside were smiling and laughing while watching a game show on TV. It gave a major lonely impact on Simon, Like he wasnt there. Which created a atmosphere of sufficating lonelyness. He could have stood there unnoticed for an hour. Suddenly he wanted to smash the window and scream, "Look at me!" He wanted to be noticed. He wanted people to see him. It was dangerous, this want. It was mad. But sometimes he was afraid that he didn't exist. A group of drunk boys ganged up on Simon in the park, but quickly ran off after Simon beat them to a pulp, except for one who was comepletely drugged and believed he was invisible and unable to die. Simon wanted to ignore him but became insane after the boy called Simon a "nobody". Simon became infruriated and made that boy his next meal as he tore his wrist apart. This created a sickening mood. "Call me nobody?" he whispered, and his fangs slid from their sheaths."Call me nobody?" he screamed as if in pain. He hoisted his victim up and tore the boys wrist open with a savage scissoring of teeth. He raised the boy's arm and, with the pulsing blood, wrote wavering letters on the dingy primer of the car's roof. I AM. Without imagery, a book would
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