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Ali Yateem International Relations Feb 15, 2013 Response to an article “U.N. Rules and Syrian Intervention” The article U.N. Rules and Syrian Intervention by John B. Bellinger III explains the increasing pressure on the president Obama to give more help or to intervene in the Syrian opposition issue. At the same time, it explains how Obama has few options toward helping the Syrian opposition as well. In spite of that the administration considered the opposition as “legal,” the U.S. can’t give any weapons or using force against the Syrian government. As the writer seeing the issue, he think that Obama might provide his full assistance to the Syrian opposition even if it doesn’t complies with the international law; as the U.N. charter will prevent any member states from using force against any government unless it was authorized by the U.N. security council. The oppression that is happening in Syria now constitutes a big problem on the Syrian government situation. Many crimes, killings and atrocities is going on and the government is the first responsible for that. The problems became bigger to the extent that people became more aggressive and racist. Many Shias, which are the second largest denomination of Islam, were killed and been tortured. Moreover, many holy shrines were detonated and being attacked like the shrine of Sayeda Zainab and Sayeda Sakena (peace be upon them), who are the granddaughters of the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him and his true family). And the people who were visiting the shrines and practicing their faiths were attacked and insulated. The two shrines are close now, so nobody can go and practice his faith! These were some pictures about the oppression in Syria, and there is no doubt that there is a lot of oppression that we don’t know about. The media wouldn’t cover everything. Is the U.N. still needed to think about helping
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