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Portfolio number 1 Assignment 4.3 Tiffani Curtis 2/18/13 Within the short story Young Goodman Brown, there is a strong theme of evil infecting the most upright people. So how is this a strong theme? To whom does it happen to during the course of the short story? Does the narrator become infected with the evil or is he sane? If he is affected then how severe is the infection? Within the following text I will show who was affected by the evil and hot they were affected. Young Goodman Brown comes to realize that even upright people within the Salem village cab be infected with evil. Highly respected and people within the church become infected. Even if it’s merely a vision or nightmare Brown has, the evil still infects people. Faith, Goodman Browns wife, is symbolic because she is not only named Faith, but she is Browns faith, faith in the church as well as faith in others. She gets taken from Brown in the forest, so Brown loses his faith. He loses faith, but I think he loses his sanity as well when she is taken from him. My reasoning for thinking this is because in the end it is shown that it was only a dream that Brown has when he falls asleep in the forest. The priest and other figures in the church were seen by Brown in his dream. So, not only was Faith infected or taken but also high figures in the church. Young Goodman Brown also plays an important role because within his name it states that he is a young, good man, which is ironic because he even gets infected. He lets the evil into his head and clouds his vision of others. He ends up living, but he isn’t happy nor is he nice towards others, especially his wife Faith. He thinks she is plotting against him and he ends up dying unhappy and almost alone. He viewed others differently and thought they were all involved with evil. So, as you can see, people were infected with evil, especially Brown himself.

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