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The young girl seems to take the opinions of others to heart, thus allowing her birthday, which is herday, to be ruined because of others. This is different for me because I was always taught to not allow what other people say bring me down. Especially on my birthday! This is my holiday and there’s no way someone is going to take that away from me. It truly is a test of character when you can keep your head up while others strive to bring you down. While I was in the 5thgrade I remember never having a problem with anyone, my class was extremely close and we all got along great! At least that’s what I thought. One day during recess this boy came over to me and my girlfriends, we were all sitting and chit-chatting when he rudely interrupted our conversation and began yelling at my friend. Her name was Bianca and he had had a crush on her for a while now but unfortunately for him, the feelings were not mutual. Therefore this caused him to be very upset when she chose to ignore him and he began calling her names. I decided to step in and defend my friend which led him to call me a “Dirty Pig.” I immediately thought I wanted to punch his face in, but knew the consequences would not be worth it so I chose to run away instead where I would not be seen crying, “crying like I’m three.” Once the crying seized, I realized my friends had been talking to our teacher Ms. Pados and explained to her what had happened. She was quickly at my side sympathizing and comforting me. Very different to the reaction of Mrs. Price after seeing her assumption of the sweater was incorrect. “Mrs. Price pretends like everything’s okay.” Mrs. Pados then confronts Chris and forces him to apologize along with other consequences. Yes, receiving the apology did make me feel better, but I still could not rid the thought of other people

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