Response Essay To American Laziness

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American society has become a program set up for the inept, a nation that allows people to borrow money uncontrollably and then suffers when they cannot pay their debt. Society has become numb to intellectual thought, and a system set up for the ignorant. People have made it socially acceptable to be less of an intellectual, to reward more remedial tasks over ones that may be more deserving. America has become a system for the needy. One that will let people have as much money as wanted and doesn’t make them replace it. The lack of education and motivation in this country should be blamed. Un-educated people who don’t want to find a job take advantage of this system. He or she applies for all of our nation’s benefits, but does not reciprocate by paying off debts or taxes. Imagine America as a reservoir full of water or in this case money, now imagine a forest fire that represents the people of this nation who take advantage of our government. We douse the flames but the fire will not go out and eventually consumes everything. Instead of fire we have national debt that grows constantly, and if a solution is not found soon it will consume everyone. People have grown to accept stupidity, and even see it as normal or humorous. Exposure to bad television programming and poorly written magazine articles has left our society in a brainless coma in which we copy what we see and do whatever we are told. Over publication of pop culture magazines and the constant media exposure given to celebrities has allowed for the un-awareness of real topics and current events. For example on television how many channels devote solely to entertainment and Hollywood compared to ones that cover world events and politics. People have to become interested in world events and politics or risk being blind to everything going on around them and having no voice when it comes to decision

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