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Response Paper: The Student AS CUSTOMER VERSUS THE STUDENT AS LEARNER The essay “the student as customer versus the student as learner” written by James E. Groccia is a very interesting and factual essay. He has clearly described his views in the essay. “Is the customer always right when the customer is a student” is a very good and strong point brought up by Gorccia. He has also proven that “total quantity management (TQM) is not so effective when the student is a customer. Groccia has given lots of clear explanations in his essay, which is very strong and exist is the world today. I like the part when he explained the “the customer is always right” slogan is not effective if the customer is a student. It is fact that now a day’s student are attracted by universities, who has lots of facilities and other activities to do. Student focuses on facilities more than the quality education and actual benefits of study. Even the universities are providing the desired thing for student to attract more students in the future. He also mentions that the educating people have become a business; universities are providing more facilities rather than educating them in challenging environment by which the student can cope up with the real world in future. It’s the right of the student to get a good learning environment, but learning is a “discomfort, disequilibrium, and a challenge”. Student can only learn “when they are faced with new perspective and when they are given task which they are not familiar with. The example about the chick struggling to hatch is really a swell example. By this example Groccia is saying that student should open itself to learn new things and should know its real potentials rather than being spoon feed very time when they are hungry. “Creating learning environment which do not challenge student and in which they get exactly what they want in ways

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