Responding to "Draw Muhammad Day"

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There has been uproar the past couple of weeks over the very amateur Anti-Islamic film "Innocence of Muslims". Many Muslims across the world have resorted to violence to express their anger towards this film. Events like this make Americans want to reiterate their rights to freedom of speech and expression, to the government, and to the rest of the world. Draw Muhammad Day is a day that people go out and draw depictions of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad (S). While this is very disrespectful and angering to Allah (SWT), the prophet (S) and the Muslim population, we must realize that our response must be controlled, reasonable, and civilized, in order that we convey our feelings and messages to others. In my opinion, there are three parts to responding to this event, the first of these being inviting others to us. We should create a series of events inviting non-Muslims to our Islamic center, and welcome them in. Events like lectures, seminars, interfaith events, and even fun events should be hosted by the Islamic center. These events should be aimed at educating non-Muslims about true Islamic morals, and about the character of our beloved prophet (S). Through these events non-Muslims should learn about how much we truly love the prophet, and why we are sensitive to the depicting of his physical image. The second aspect of responding to Draw Muhammad Day is action. What use is there to knowledge if it not acted upon? People will not be convinced just by listening to our preaching, only seeing this knowledge in action will persuade them. We’ve got to walk the talk. To demonstrate our Islamic morals, we must participate in community service events and projects. We must go out into the community, clean the streets, volunteer in charities and organizations that aid the needy. We should also attend interfaith events of other faiths and communities. This will show our
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