Respiratory System Essay

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The structure and function of the system. The cardiovascular system Generally people would pronounce that the cardiovascular or circulatory system is one of the most important systems in the body because without it, we cannot survive. The two roles of this system are: * To continue oxygen supply to all parts * To assist and get rid of carbon dioxide. * Transport materials such as glucose to the cells. The heart The heart is the size of an adult fist. It is specialised cardiac muscles and is known as a double pump because each side of the heart works separately. The right side pumps blood from the heart to the lungs and the left side pumps blood from the lungs using the heart to the rest of the body. There are four chambers: two upper atria and two lower ventricles. It also has special valves that make sure the blood always pumps in the right way. The muscles of the heart are focused on being strong and sufficient amount to beat every day for the whole of a human lifespan. The heart also has its own pacemaker (the sino-atrial node), which sends electrical impulses to create the heart maintains a regular heartbeat. Different body system can work together to create the body functions efficiently as a whole, with the brain working as a control centre. Some activities that could take place in the body are controlled by the homeostatic mechanisms, as well as the body temperature, blood pressure and oxygen supply. The blood Plasma is the fluid part of the blood and dissimilar types of blood cells are suspended in it. Red blood cells or erythrocytes contain haemoglobin, a protein that carries oxygen and makes the cells red. White blood cells or leucocytes help to fight infection. Platelets or thrombolytic are fragments of blood cells that produce enzymes that help with blood blocking. The structure of the normal blood plasma is 90/92% water.

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