Respecting Others In Everyday Life

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E.F. Respect can be defined as a type of kindness or obedience towards someone or something. Showing respect can gain one respect as well. When people receive respect, it makes them feel a sense of honor. Giving respect to someone can be as easy as a compliment, a greeting, or a display of proper etiquette. The littlest things one does for another person seems to express how much one really cares for them and shows how mature someone really is. A phrase that everyone should be recognized with is “one should show respect by treating others as they would want to be treated.” One should treat others with respect while driving, while at school and while at work. Road rage is an example of disrespect towards other people, and everyone should always try to be respectful to others while driving. I learned by personal experience that road rage is a common type of disrespect in many people. People show disrespect when other drivers are actually following the rules of driving, and when they are being a safe and responsible driver. For example, a safe, responsible driver will drive the speed limit, but a disrespectful driver will tailgate, honk their horn, or choose to say a few disrespectful words towards the other driver. Disrespectful drivers are also said to get into more accidents because of speeding. Road rage happens to everyone whether it’s on occasion or if it is habitual. People with road rage put other driver’s life at risk because they are paying more attention to other people’s driving than their own driving. Another environment that people should treat others with respect is at school. All students, staff and administration should continuously be respectful to other students, staff and administration. It’s a shame if a student chooses to show disrespect to administration or teachers. Teachers spend most of their time helping students learn,
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