The Most Important Roles Of Respecting A Non-Commissioned Officer

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Respecting a Non-Commissioned Officer In the army people are put into positions to take charge. They are not put into a position of power but into a position of leadership based on their performance to lead, teach, train and fight on and off the battlefield. The most important role of leadership is the non-commissioned officer. They are the most important because they are the ones who are the hands on trainers helping to better us as soldiers and better people in general. When put in these positions of leadership you should get the respect not only that you deserve, but the respect that you earned. They have earned this respect by serving time in the army and proving to higher ups that they are capable to lead and train lower enlisted soldiers in the army to engage enemies on the battlefield successfully and come…show more content…
Non- Commissioned officers will be the ones that bring us to our families safe and secure. Therefore we need to put all of your trust in their abilities to do so and respect their decisions and obey their orders. An NCO would never put us into a bad position or set us up for failure. They also would never order us to do something that they would not do or haven’t done themselves. We should also respect an NCO because they will be fighting alongside of us with their lives on the line as well, so they will do their best to ensure the safety of every solider and take the safest way to get the mission accomplished. Everyone makes mistakes. NCOs are liable to make some mistakes themselves too. So if an NCO messes up we should not ridicule or treat them any different than if they had not made the mistake. Just remember that they are still our leaders and we should still have

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