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Respect Now a days people don't appreciate the little things in life showing little or no respect that it deserves. Having and showing respect is when you are acknowledging the importance, significance, and value of something or someone. Showing respect for animals and for life in general gives you a better understanding of its importance. Both “A Walk Along the Beach” by Frank Finale and “Possum Crossing” by Nikki Giovanni show that people should take the time to notice the little things in life and treat them with the same amount of respect as we would ourselves. The passage “A Walk Along the Beach” by Frank Finale demonstrates that when people take the time to understand and respect the little things in life they discover a deeper meaning to the world. One way the author shows this is through the use of imagery, when one of the teachers starts to describe his new found feeling after his walk on the beach saying “Just past the white foam of the breakers, we can see the crab's dark shape moving out to sea. I sense its force for life, and how we are all intricately and invisibly linked in this ancient world of the shore”. In this part of the passage we get an image of how small and mysterious the crab seems but we sense its devotion to life as it craws back to sea. What the author is trying to do is show and make the reader understand that even though the crab is very small in size and lives in a different world, it is still a living creature like us and should be treated with the same amount of respect. If he didn’t stop to respect the little crab then he would not be able to reflect on the creatures existence. The passage “Possum Crossing” by Nikki Giovanni shows that not everyone is reluctant to show respect for the living creatures they encounter. One way the author shows this is through point of view when in the passage the concerned driver

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