Respect Essay

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Amanda Vaught Eng. 101 Becoming the shift leader A few years ago I worked for a boss who was awesome to his employees, gave great benifits and had upcoming shift lead positions. I was a young woman who wanted to make an impression and get on in the company. I tried to gain the respect and appreciation of this man, my boss. The more I tried though, the more disrespect I seemed to get from him. Thinking that you boss hates you is a really tough thing to face whether it's perception or reality. So, I began to build up my credits with him by going out of my way to make sure he knew what I did, putting my personal marker in the ground. I had a belief system that said, if you work your hardest to please your boss, you will get ahead. And if you don't work hard and don't please your boss, you won't get anywhere. I felt disappointed and hurt when I was not able to please my boss, and began to feel that I was incapable of working hard enough to succeed. But I was lucky; Over the course of about a year, I slowly began to gain his respect by bringing up the times when things went well. I was also seeking more eye contact, demonstrating leadership qualities, and being as positive as possible. Eventually, I did gain his respect and became the shift leader I wanted to

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