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Resources Essay John Neal CSS101-O15-003 February 12, 2013 Beverly Fierro Resources Essay There are people across America that does not realize how important receiving your education is. It has recently come to my attention that I realize and understand how important and great Stevens Henager college resources and other resources outside school are to me. Such as my foundations lab, sharc>library resources and Purdue owl has been to my education. Each day, I wake up and likely have one or more resource to rely on with advertising free accurate information. It is wonderful to be able to wake up and smile each morning because of this. My Foundations Lab is a complete online mastery-based resource for assessing and remediating skills in reading, writing and mathematics. There are a large selection of good activities that gives me the ability to practice and advance my writing and mathematics skills. Henager College has some great resources for helping you all aspects. The resources help me with my writing by helping me understanding how and when to use punctuation mark, commas and more when writing. This is valuable because learning in one area of my life will help me learn in all areas of my life. I enjoy using sharc>library resources because It’s also a great, clear, good, organize resource that has a huge selection of great accurate information for research papers, academic articles, APA writing style, reference, and more. Sharc>library is valuable to me and really benefits me when I have to research for assignment or study for a quiz it help make it easy on me with managing my time. Purdue owl is my favorite online website, it’s an English website hosted by Purdue University. I chose Purdue owl because that is also very organize, helpful, has a huge selection of great accurate information for research papers and a lot of information on APA

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