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Print Resources * Maps * Rules and Regulations * News papers * Mission and Vision * Books | Characteristics and Unique CapabilitiesAll the tools are in the right place. The print resources are on the right wall and attached properly. It has an original uses on their own. | Teaching Approaches where the Resources is most usefulIt attends to inform the student of what to do inside the library. It can use to discipline the students on their proper behaviour. | Audio Resources * Speakers * Television * Radio | They can use it on reporting activities. It can provide more productive explanation to the students/learners. | Present on reporting and demonstrations by the teachers and the student. It attends to clearly hear the topics. | Non-Electronic Visual Resources * Globe * Maps * Chessboards | It can help to enhance their skills and talents by the use of it. They can use their mind productively. We should learn to use the things were traditionally. | They use it on activities daily. They can use it on skills enhancement. On brain storming’s. | ICT Resources * 2 set of Computers | They can make a research by the use of it. They can learn more by using this gadget properly. | They use it in their research activities or I their own learning process of schooling. | Impression: As I observe the library of the school, for me, they had the proper facilities. They have books of course, they have computer sets, proper ambience and it has well-ventilated room. They have television, speakers, even radio. The things are well-organized based on their proper place. The books are complete with every subject. My Analysis 1.) Where the learning resources/materials arranged properly according to their functions and characteristics? * Yes, because all the things are arranged base on their proper place, it is sort according to their proper

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