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Prison Family Program Links (Let FCN put your web page here.) Action for Prisoners' Families National federation of services supporting families of prisoners in England Aleph Institute Serves Jewish prisoners and their families Amachi - Mentoring children of prisoners Angel Tree Provides Christmas gifts for children of prisoners Assisting Families of Inmates, Inc. Helps families preserve and strengthen positive relationships with relatives incarcerated in Virginia's state correctional centers. Aswasa Bhaven - a home for children of prisoners in India Bethel Bible Village Residential care agency provides support and ministry to children and youth of families shattered by crime and troubled environments. Bethesda Family Services Foundation Offers innovative training on relational healing within the family lives of inmates Canadian Families and Corrections Network A Canadian not for profit organization that encourages the development of policies, practices and programs that enable prisoners and their families to build holistic family and community relations. Center for Children of Incarcerated Parents [CCIP] extensive resources, research and model programs for children of criminal offenders and their families. Centerforce Works with California prisoners, their families and the community at large, providing direct support services, health programs, awareness and advocacy. Child Welfare League of America - Children With Incarcerated Parents Information and resources Children of Incarcerated Parents (CHIP) - resources to help adults support young children with an incarcerated parent Children's Justice Alliance serving children of incarcerated parents, as well as the child's parent, family and caregiver in Portland Oregon. CLAIM Legal aid for women prisoners and their families Connecting Threads Florida based Christian web site connecting inmates and

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