Resistance During The Holocaust Essay

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World War II is synonymous with the Holocaust because they both began with the same person: Adolf Hitler. He wanted more land for the Nazi party, and used the Versailles Treaty as an excuse to do so. Rather than argue with him, Great Britain and France attempted to sidestep another potential war by giving him more land. Later on he staged an attack, allowing him to invade Poland to gain more land. The next morning, September 1, 1939 began the Blitzkrieg, in which methods were used to quickly invade and take over Poland. The same day, Britain and France sent Hitler a message: Withdraw from Poland or they would go to war against Germany. With the army continuing to go further into Poland, the choice was made. As time went on, millions more lives were being taken for reasons other than the war. Throughout the Holocaust, courageous people were taking a stand against the horrible things that were happening. One group who called themselves the Polish Underground, fashioned themselves uniforms and fought to defend their country. They trudged through sewers to deliver messages back and forth and to deliver smuggled supplies. Another group called Zegota, who had many connections all over, provided food, clothing, housing, medicine and support for Jews in the ghettos. The resistance carried one simple objective: Fight back and escape. Many underground groups were being formed in the ghettos, and held meetings to do a number of things. Some of it was to help other camp inmates by gathering food and money, or exchanging newspapers, battle maps and war information. All of this put their lives at risk, but nevertheless they continued to meet in secrecy. Other forms of resistance included physical action. In 1944, two Slovakian Jews escaped from their camp, Birkenau, with the intent of informing the outside world about what was happening in the camps. However, the
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