Resiliency in Children Article Summaries Research Paper

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Good discussion of articles findings. Good demonstration of source citation in the body of the paper and match source referencing under the heading References. See paper for more details. Resiliency in Children Research Article Summaries Angalia Durio-McLeod PSYCH/600 MSBL 1HH4R1 June 29, 2015 Dr. Vong Rathsachack Introduction The topic of choice is Resiliency in Children. The subject proved very interesting and touched many soft spots in this learner’s heart. Wilderom (2006) published a definition online, and as it appealed to this learner as an impacting definition stating, that psychological resilience is a description of the person, this learner hopes to be. It reads, psychological resilience refers to an individual's capacity to withstand stressors and not manifest psychology dysfunction, such as mental illness or persistent negative mood. This is the mainstream psychological view of resilience, that is, resilience is defined in terms a person's capacity to avoid psychopathology despite difficult circumstances (Wilderom, 2006). How remarkable and strong willed is the child that can present this quality in face of hardship. It is the strength that most would like to possess. There were three examples of resiliency that was discovered in my research. The articles were about resiliency in children who experience the death of their parents, the resiliency of children who have been placed in foster homes with a relative as their foster parent, and helping children learn to practice resiliency during difficult times of learning from their teacher. The following articles have been summarized to express the ideas of this learner. ARTICLE ONE EXPLORING THEMES OF RESILIENCY IN CHILDREN AFTER THE DEATH OF A PARENT The person who has the ability to aid in the adjustments needed to create positive and influential guidance for
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